Bluerock Training

Through very close working relations with one of the very best training schools in the United Kingdom, Bluerock Healthcare ensure that before any member of staff can commence work in the healthcare sector, our very own personalised training course must be completed successfully.

Training modules include all 15 individual standards of the recently developed Care Certificate, as well as a selection of specialist units including blood pressure, moving & handling and pressure area awareness. We’ve always gone beyond what’s necessary and, with the additional specialist training we offer, we aim to provide all staff with the skills and knowledge to excel when meeting the care standards of the client. As our staff would happily testify, we have always been keen to support our workers in the best possible way.

All training provided to our staff is supplied through North East & Yorkshire Healthcare Service, a specialist training company for the health and social care sectors. They have been established for several years as an independent company delivering customer focused training across the North East and Yorkshire regions. Their areas of expertise include residential and nursing homes, domiciliary care providers and charitable organisations.

More information on North East Community Health Service is available at:

The Care Certificate

Jointly developed by Skills for Care, Health Education England, and Skills for Health, as of April 2015, it is now integral for all healthcare professionals to meet the 15 Care Certificate standards.

Whilst incorporating and superseding the Common Induction Standards and National Minimum Training Standards, the Care Certificate goes further and not only develops on the areas previously covered by the aforementioned standards, but also introduces many new training standards to the professional. This provides staff with a good foundation to develop their knowledge and skills in health and social care.

Below you will find a full breakdown of the personalised Bluerock training course including the additional specialist training units we cover and information on each of the 15 Care Certificate standards.

Additional Specialist Training

We take pride in the staff we supply, which is why our training course does not stop there. We aim to provide all of our staff with further knowledge and training, because as we are all aware, the more you know, the better you can perform in your new role. Further modules covered within our training course are set out below:

Specialist Training provided:

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Moving & Handling
  3. Pressure Area Awareness

Standard 1 - Understand Your Role

This standard focuses on the main duties and responsibilities you have within the role. Understanding the importance of teamwork, partnership, and also responsibilities for the individuals you support, is integral to this standard.

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Standard 2 - Your Personal Development

Regardless of what we do, we all enjoy developing and growing within our respective job roles. This section concentrates on how you can improve within your own role, covering a range of areas.

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Standard 3 - Duty of Care

As a healthcare worker you have a duty of care to a vast variety of people: the individuals you support, your work colleagues, your employer and of course yourself. This section discusses the importance of understanding how duty of care contributes to safer practice.

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Standard 4 - Equality and Diversity

With areas such as age, sex, race, sexual orientation and religious belief being such important parts of our society, this standard focuses on the importance of equality and diversity in the workplace. Standard 4 takes a detailed look

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Standard 5 - Work in a Person Centred Way

Person-centred support involves understanding and respecting the individual you provide support for through taking into account such values as individuality, independence and privacy. It is crucial to work in a person-centred manner.

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Standard 6 - Communication

Being able to communicate effectively is an integral part of working in a healthcare setting. As you will not only be responsible for communicating with the individuals you provide support for, but also their families, your colleagues and other professionals.

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Standard 7 - Privacy and Dignity

This module discusses the meaning of privacy and dignity, and instances when an individual’s may be compromised. Supporting active participation and an individual’s right to make informed choices about their care form key parts of this standard.

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Standard 8 - Fluids and Nutrition

This standard focuses on the main duties and responsibilities you have within the role. Understanding the importance of teamwork, partnership, and also responsibilities for the individuals you support, is integral to this standard.

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Standard 9 - Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities

Learners will be aware of the physical, social or psychological issues that an individual with mental health conditions, dementia or learning disabilities may feel.

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Standard 10 - Safeguarding Adults

There are many forms of abuse that can take place in a work environment. Times may arise when you may be informed of abuse taking place or even see it for yourself. Either way, it is essential that this matter is dealt with in the correct manner.

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Standard 11 - Safeguarding Children

This standard focuses on ensuring that the need for safeguarding children and their rights are understood. As coming into contact with children may be part of the role, it is imperative that the wellbeing of the child is safeguarded.

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Standard 12 - Basic Life Support

Within this unit you will be provided with the knowledge and practical training for basic life support. Combined with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)) training, upon completion of this standard you will be able to administer basic life support competently.

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Standard 13 - Health and Safety

The primary focus of this standard is to address the vital importance of health and safety in the work place. All of the learners will be provided with the knowledge and skills required for understanding risk assessment and moving and assisting safely.

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Standard 14 - Handling Information

As a care professional it is crucial to understand the importance of recording, storing and sharing information correctly. This standard focuses on the importance of handling information accurately and to a legal standard.

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Standard 15 - Infection Prevention and Control

Recognising infection control and prevention is an important aspect of working within a healthcare capacity. You will learn a number of important aspects of infection control and prevention methods. 

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