Assistant Practitioners

An Assistant Practitioner is an experienced member of staff working in support roles alongside qualified healthcare professionals. Despite not being registered practitioners, through their experience and training, Assistant Practitioners have gained a level of skill beyond that of the traditional Healthcare Assistant.

Summary of Role

This role has been introduced to assist with the current national shortage of nurses within the healthcare sector. Therefore, the Assistant Practitioner role will help meet the challenges we face in health and social care on a day-to-day basis. The Assistant Practitioner role allows healthcare professionals to work alongside experienced nursing colleagues and take on additional responsibilities in order to assist with workloads. As an Assistant Practitioner, you will always work under the direction of a qualified health professional such as a Registered Nurse, Dietician or Therapist.

To become an Assistant Practitioner it is essential to complete a foundation degree (or equivalent) in health care – consisting of both study and supervised practice. A regular route to becoming an Assistant Practitioner is to progress from a Healthcare Assistant role, usually within an NHS health or social care setting.

Typical Duties

  • Deliver a high standard of care at all times
  • Support team members to deliver objectives through offering advice, guidance and support as appropriate.
  • Communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals within the team
  • Explain procedures to patients when required
  • Follow instructions and procedures(CQC, HSE etc.)
  • Careful and methodical
  • Consistently maintaining accurate and timely records of care

As we have an increasing number of NHS placements, the demand for our Assistant Practitioners has grown stronger. After completing 12 months as a Healthcare Assistant, we are helping more and more of our candidates make the career transition to becoming an Assistant Practitioner for the NHS. We ensure that all of our candidates are fully competent in performing the role, so you can rest assured that, from their very first day, any Bluerock staff will be guaranteed to hit the ground running.

If you are currently looking to fill an Assistant Practitioner Manager vacancy, please get in touch with us today by either calling us on 0800-888-6165 or completing our short contact form.