How we're protecting care homes during COVID-19

Protecting our clients, staff and residents is a critical part of who we have always been but that has never been more pertinent than during this year’s COVID-19 pandemic.

We have defined a series of commitments to protect and support all our care home clients to reassure them that we’re doing everything we can during this period.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and adapt our approach if it is sensible to do so.

One Home Policy

Our One Home Policy enables care managers to retain staff solely for their care home for at least 12-weeks to minimise COVID risk across multiple homes. At a later date we’ll take a step back to allow you to recruit them directly to your team – free of charge.

We’re confident that our approach supports the government’s upcoming legislation limiting carers currently working in multiple homes to minimise COVID risk. We’re constantly working with care homes to build strong, reliable and effective teams in the long-term, not just to fill short-term gaps in care.


Robust COVID-19 Testing

All new candidates to the UK are quarantined for two weeks with us at our Leeds facility. Before we place them with you, all staff are COVID-19 tested whilst they are with us for your peace of mind. We order COVID-19 tests on their behalf and receive copies of results when they are received. These can be shared with you too upon request.


Specialist COVID-19 Training

Feel safe in the knowledge that alongside our Care Certificate training, all staff receive additional COVID-19 training delivered online to minimise any risk of cross-infection.


One Fixed Hourly Rate

Is coronavirus playing havoc with your rota? Do you lose staff temporarily whilst they quarantine due to a positive coronavirus test result? We’re here to help. To ensure our staff are as adaptable as you need them to be, we’ll only ever charge you one fixed hourly rate. It doesn’t matter if you need them to work a day, night or weekend shift, you’ll pay the same hourly rate to make budgeting around ever changing rotas much more manageable.


PPE Ready Candidates

All our candidates arrive to you PPE ready with their own personal supply of face masks and temperature testers to reduce the burden on your existing stock. If PPE stock does become an issue for your care home then please get in touch. We’ll help you find the PPE you need so you can concentrate on supporting your team and residents.


Anything else we can help with?

We know that recruitment and retention within the social care sector is one of the biggest pain points with 7.3% of vacancies left unfulfilled and an average 30% staff turnover rate. So, if you do have any staffing needs, require more PPE at short notice or even just a friendly ear, we’re here to help.

Let us protect you