The Role And Responsibilities Of A Healthcare Assistant

Throughout the industry, compassion, kindness and composure have always been acknowledged as essential attributes for a Healthcare Assistant to possess.

Recognised as a fundamental part of the healthcare sector, Care Assistants play a crucial role through being someone that residents count on in every aspect of their day-to-day life. As a Healthcare Assistant, or Care Worker as they are often called, your main responsibility is to ensure that, whilst promoting a resident’s choices, their safety and wellbeing remains paramount at all times. In this article we have outlined the key duties of the role and provided a few tips on how to perform to your best.


Care and support

First and foremost, you’ll be required to assist residents with personal care responsibilities including bathing, shaving and dressing, along with providing mobility support for those who require assistance walking or in a wheelchair. Another key responsibility of the role is to assist with dietary planning, serving, and clearing of meals. One thing to keep in mind is that whilst providing care and support to residents, their rights, including privacy and dignity, must be respected and preserved at all times.


House work

A care home is a place where all residents live like a family. So, as with every home, the environment should be kept clean and tidy at all times, therefore, you may be instructed by management to help with light domestic duties such as laundry, ironing or bed-making. It is also important to always remain prompt in answering the bell and telephone, as well as greeting visitors including resident’s friends and family.


Social activities

Having fun is part of the role. So, from time to time, you may be required to take residents out for activities such as walks in the park, shopping trips or excursions outside the city. Also, quite often, you will assist with a wide selection of recreational activities at the home ranging from reading through to large group games such as bingo.


Good communicator

Throughout a shift, Healthcare Assistants are constantly interacting with residents. For these residents, this may be the only member of staff they communicate with over a long period of time, therefore, it is essential to report any changes, injuries or concerns to your line manager immediately. It is important to be clear when to seek help and advice in order to keep residents safe and promote their well-being. You will actively be involved in reading and writing reports, and to partake in staff meetings and training activities. Finally, it is imperative to always remain open to residents in order to listen and to communicate so that you are able to fully understand their needs and feelings.


5 essential qualities of a great Healthcare Assistant

In order to help you truly excel within your role, below we will outline the 5 key traits that we believe makes a high quality Care Worker in today's industry:

  • Patience – due to old age, residents may become slower in moving and talking, and, therefore, more challenging to manage. For this reason, patience is a key characteristic that all healthcare assistants should possess.
  • Kindness and empathy - an essential trait when dealing with elderly residents in particular. Putting yourself in the shoes of the resident will make a huge difference and will be greatly appreciated by the resident.
  • Positive attitude - a smile is worth a thousand words. This is why you should always be pleasant and friendly with all residents as this will put them at ease and allow them to feel comfortable in their surroundings.
  • Multi-tasking - a vital skill for a Care Worker to have as you will often be placed in a situation where you are dealing with multiple tasks or residents at one time, whilst ensuring that the level of care you provide remains high.
  • Team player - as you will often be working as part of a team, it is important to be able to work well with others whilst encouraging and supporting your colleagues.

As you could quickly become a truly valued member of the front line team and the one to leave an outstanding lasting impression on a resident who needs it most, we encourage all candidates with interest and suitability to take that initial step and, whether through Bluerock Healthcare or directly yourself, apply to one of the many UK based Healthcare Assistant roles today.